Hamilton Sorter Sorters for Totes & Postal Bins
Ideal Solution for USPS Postal Totes

Designed for efficient sorting of large quantities or oversize materials, the Hamilton Sorter Bulk Sort
System organizes everything from envelopes and publications to packages. The System is available in free standing units with angled shelves for primary sorting and tabletop units with flat shelves. Bins are also available in various sizes and colors.

As with all Hamilton Sorter products, Bulk sort units also offer: variety of sizes, configurations and laminate colors. Datamation Systems has installed many of these sorters for just about any size of bin, accommodate facility space and different types of materials. These products have the Hamilton Sorter Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Below are some pictures of standard and custom applications

This view shows custom sorters for binders and bins

Row of freestanding bin sort units. Different shelves are used to accommodate various size bins and material

Hanging bin sorters with access on both sides of workstation. Notice the meter and wrap stations

Console with access door fronts and shelves for different types of bins

Freestanding sort module with angled shelves. In standard colors, available on quick ship program

Hundreds of laminate colors available.